Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Babies rock my metabolism!

Yes, my baby sickness whining persists. After nearly three weeks of crippling nausea and sporadic pharmaceutical-induced relief, my exercise schedule has suffered. Actually it's more or less dead. Fortunately, I don't own a scale and have been relegated to a wardrobe of sweats so I've been allowed to rest in a state of weight accumulation denial.

Unfortunately, as we all know, jeans never lie. And jeans did I have to approach as I planned to venture out into the sunlight for the first time in several days.

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BUT...one more "fortunate" did present itself. My skinny jeans (at least my personal translation of "skinny") still fit the same after weeks of increased caloric intake and decreased physical movement. This must be a Spring Break miracle! It would seem that my kidney bean sized baby has caused a metabolic increase so great, that my figure has managed to stagnate. This is great news, as it's normal to gain approximately 5 lbs. in the first trimester.

Of course, I look forward to proper weight gain in the near future, but since I'm experiencing so many difficulties in keeping healthy habits, I look upon this as a HUGE blessing. Let's just hope it continues until I'm able to peel myself off the bathroom floor and relocate to the elliptical.

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  1. sarabeth, I am praying for you! I am sorry that you have been so sick! that little kidney bean of yours is a little out of control...maybe she/he is going to be a professional stunt person!