Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Gold Fish, Perrier, and Drugs: My Latest and Greatest Accessories.

It would seem that my baby sickness has yet to improve; in fact, it's become increasingly erratic. I might choke back a dry heave at any given point in the day regardless of what I'm doing or with whom I'm speaking.

Blinn Students, pray that they remain dry heaves.

Helping me remain upright throughout the day are my newly intimate friends Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, Perrier (because diet 7up, which was my favorite, has suddenly become unquestionably intolerable. I wish my body would keep me better updated), and Zofran. Yes, we've discussed the drugs, and I'll continue to sing Zofran's praises as long as it continues to keep the vomit in the vault.

However, my three allies are only partially effective. The unpredictable dizziness and stomach lurching can arrive at any given moment making all my goals incredibly difficult. Advising remains paramount due to that pesky need for an income, and we're still waiting for my dad to win the lottery. Seriously, Dad, how long have you been playing that thing? Get on it already!

My kind editor at Maroon Weekly has given me a couple of weeks off to gather my strength for our issue covering Chilifest...hmmm...chili kind of sounds good. I'll be interviewing the Brant Crow Band for it fairly soon; I wonder what their take on birthing options is.

Lastly, my blog...poor, poor blog. It may remain the most neglected while I wait for baby sickness season to pass. But I'll do my best!

Thanks so much for all of the prayers and support!


  1. i know when i felt sick or nauseous i was just having to eat all the time...if it let myself get hungry or too hungry id feel sick and then the feeling would never grandma said once she discovered rice and beans ( like red beans and rice) she was always full and never felt sick lol who knows...hope you continue on a road to feeling better!

  2. Sorry to say, but unless your dad is 98 and a hoarder with at least a dozen cats or some drunken hillbilly that plans to remain in his 'trailer mansion' (I kid you not, I saw her on TV), then the lottery gods will not allow him to win.