Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I blame my sister.

Juliana had to deal with many physical hardships during her pregnancy. For instance, she had to go off of her migraine medication, which led to increased feelings of "my baby needs to find a new incubator, stat!". I do not envy all that she had to endure.

Having said that, I believe that words have power, and during this irrationally emotional state in which I'll reside for the next 30something weeks, I've been demanding that people only speak blessings over me and "the lentil" (baby's approximate size). No negativity allowed in my proximity!

Apparently, a couple of individuals, including my sister, simply couldn't bear the notion that I may experience mere headaches and nausea during my first trimester. Nay, I needed to experience the bone-rattling severity of hugging a toilet and dry heaving until I faint. I needed to deal with the stress of wondering how on earth I'll deal with my 40 hour/week job with only 12 sick days allotted to me in a fiscal year. I simply couldn't be one of the lucky few, who get to be up and energized and happy.

Nope. Some people wouldn't be happy until I was like this:
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Well, now I yay for you!

My doctor is calling in a prescription of Zofran for me. I'd appreciate only encouragement and prayers that this will offer relief. Otherwise, you may be singled out in my blog and there's nothing you can do or say about it because I'm pregnant and emotionally irrational!



  1. :o( Sorry it's rough right now. I'll be saying prayers for you and the lentil! Hope this phase passes quickly!!!

  2. I'm glad you're going to get the Zofran -- I know it's a necessity for some. Praying for you.