Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Want to win a book?

Well, I'm thirteen weeks into this pregnancy stint now, and I'm more than ready for that second trimester burst of energy about which happier moms-to-be are rejoicing. Are we there yet?

My writing energy (along with all other sorts of energy) seems to be sapped so I'm always happy when material presents itself. As previously mentioned, Joshilyn Jackson prevails as one of my favorite contemporary authors. Her indelible knack for mixing sincere emotion with dry southern humor never fails to deliver a complex and wildly entertaining storyline. I always feel content after completing one of her books as well as a little morose that it's over.

Therefore, I listen when she says something is good. According to her The Provence Cure for the Brokenhearted  by Bridget Asher is really, really good. So good that she is giving away three copies to a lucky few, who enter her blog's contest.

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This is one of four ways that I am entering for a chance to win...telling you about it. Visit Joshilyn's Blog, and see how you can enter. You've got until midnight EST Friday.

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